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Nvidia 390.25 completely breaks Cinnamon (LM18.3)
PostWysłano: Wtorek, 10 Kwietnia 2018, 10:28 Odpowiedz bez cytowania Odpowiedz z cytatem
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I updated my Nvidia binary driver from the PPA to 390.25 and after a reboot, I couldn't even boot into Cinnamon. All I was getting was black screen and a mouse cursor that I could move around but not much else. After getting into shell, I ran nvidia-xconfig and re-generate xorg.conf file and then managed to get Cinnamon desktop. However, everything was slow and my graphics card's fan (GFX 1070) was spinning much louder than usual. When I played a video inside of Chromium, the screen was tearing like mad. Scrolling was incredibly choppy. It's as if I didn't have graphics hardware acceleration. And when I opened Cinnamon's main menu while the video was playing, the video would become choppy.Only when I downgraded to 387-series driver did things become normal again.Has anyone experienced issues with 390 driver or is it just me?

Please help.

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Nvidia 390.25 completely breaks Cinnamon (LM18.3)
Forum dyskusyjne -> Software -> Linux

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