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1871 Valise in Canadian service?
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I was member here ages ago, but have since lost/forgotten my username and password, so back to Square One I go.Anyway, I was flipping through Desmond Morton's The Last War Drum a couple nights ago and found something that really intrigued me. I thought I would share it to get some input on what others make of it. Attached to this post is an image of C Company, Infantry School Corps in Toronto. The image is found on page 34 of Morton's book.The men of this outfit, as far as I am aware, were the only Canadian soldiers to ever carry the Martini-Henry rifle on active service, during the 1885 Riel Rebellion. It's hard to make out if that is the rifle these men are carrying in this photo. What really stands out for me, though, is that these men appear to be kitted out with British 1871 Valise equipment, rather than the 1850s-era leather equipment carried by the rest of the Canadian infantry. Of particular interest are the yoke straps just above the black cartridge boxes (included only early sets of '71 Valise, they were later switched to the white cartridge boxes familiar to any Zulu War buffStraps of this type were, as far as I can tell, nowhere to be seen on the older 1850s gear.The cross straps would seem to be for the waterbottle and bread bag, rather than for a cartridge box.So has anyone on these boards ever heard of the Canadian government taking delivery of '71 Valise equipment? If I had to venture a guess, based solely on the photo, I would say that the equipment was delivered concurrently with the handful of Martini-Henry rifles Canada bought from Britain. Does that sound realistic to anyone? Or is this actually "old news" that I am just noticing myself?

Please help.

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1871 Valise in Canadian service?
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