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How bad is this? Three-prong receptacles with no ground.
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The apartment I will be moving into on Wednesday has three-prong receptacles in all the rooms. My GFI receptacle tester ($5 from the hardware store) tells me that most of these receptacles have an open ground connection, the only exception being two receptacles on the north wall of my bedroom.First of all, is the missing ground a safety issue? We have a few appliances, namely a washer and dryer (both running on 115VAC with no ground), refrigerator, and an electric stove with what I believe to be a 230VAC connection. Since my tester only works on 115V receptacles, obviously I didn't check the stove outlet, but I'm guessing it's also not grounded. Additionally, there is a GFCI receptacle in the bathroom, but it, like the others, has no equipment ground. It also fails the GFI test on my $5 tester.Second question: will this compromise surge protector effectiveness for my roommate's computers?Third question: Is there anything else I can do to test these outlets more thoroughly than my $5 tester can? All I have is that tester and a DMM, but let me know if there's something else I should be using to test these receptacles or other aspects of the electrical wiring.

Please help.

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How bad is this? Three-prong receptacles with no ground.
Forum dyskusyjne -> Hardware -> Sprzęt

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